A Quick Guide To Sending Great Emails

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Emails are a widely recognized tool to attract customers and create business. But how does this really work? Some how, just writing a few lines can't be enough.
The following guide is a first introduction into what to do when dipping your toes into the world of online marketing. Combined, these easy-to-follow steps will help you stand out in your clients' email inbox....

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Great SEO with Engaging Content - 10 tips to boost your blog posts now!

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To most of us, writing blog articles is hard work and takes a lot of our time.To get the most out of  this effort it's important to achieve a competitive edge by creating quality content that gets you found on the web.

There is no hard and fast rule as to which strategy will get you the highest rankings. Google, as the major player, has been challenging...

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Imagery - Convey the Message

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The Influence of Images

Visual content in form of images, screenshots, and infographics is essential to increase your content quality for both, your readers and your search engine rankings.

Also, imagery influences how your content is perceived within your social media marketing activities. Pinterest relies heavily on images, of course, but research also shows that twitter...

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Building Relationships with Links

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Links - Make the Connection

Linking your article appropriately has a positive effect on your SERP (search engine rating page). These links will endorse other sources, and show that you recognize other people's work. Hence, they increase the credibility and thereby the quality of your own content.

By "appropriately linking" I'm mostly referring to three aspects:

  1. ...

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