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  • screenshot of www.fls-ks.eu on a IMAC mockup
  • screenshot www.fls-ks.eu

The Friedrich-List-Schule in Kassel, Germany is a vocational school with numerous different departments. The challenge was to present the complex number of classes, courses, departments and partners of the school in a well-defined navigation structure. The colour scheme with green as its main colour was predefined by the school's logo. We chose to add a matching turquois and red as signal colours for call-to-action buttons. 

Different basic structures for the different content types were predesigned by Virtual Wave Media to make sure that new content is always visually represented in the same way as the existing content. This makes it easy for the school administrators to create new content without having to worry about messing existing structures.

The design of the page combines images of the school and students visually in form of a slide show on the front page with the easy to read and find content elements. Moreover, this page offers the school to import their Outlook calender data into the web calendar, and has user areas that are accessible with specific logins only. 

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  • ceramic art displayed on www.karlstittgen.com
  • screenshot of overview of ceramic art on www.karlstittgen.com
  • screenshot of front page www.karlstittgen.com displaying ceramic art

Nora and Karl's beautiful ceramic art called for a simple, yet elegant background to display their vessels, towers and pots in a visually effective fashion.

We decided to let the art speak for itself, and to create a canvas that pointed the viewer's attention towards these beautiful pieces.

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  • screenshot of front page contemporary art of www.barbraedwards.com
  • screenshot of front page www.barbraedwards.com displaying art work and top navigation
  • screenshot of contact page of www.barbraedwards.com displaying artwork banner and contact form
  • screenshot of contact page of www.barbraedwards.com displaying artwork banner and blog
  • screenshot of art presentation of www.barbraedwards.com displaying a single view of a piece of contemporary art

Barbra Edwards is a professional artist with roots in Ontario who has settled down on the West Coast. We agreed that a white and simple design would bring out the brilliant colour palette of her artwork the best.

One focus was to stick to a rectangular design throughout the website and make it easy for the visitor to navigate through the site by using clear imagery, menus and colour schemes. On the backend of the site, we paid special attention to easy access and clear and simply handling (optimized user experience), in order to enable Barbra to add new articles and paintings, edit existing ones and organize them on the page with a few simple clicks.

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  • Boy with Feathers, 36" x 36", acrylic and mixed media on wood cradle on www.marylottridge.com
  • screenshot of front page www.marylottridge.com displaying a clown
  • screenshot of gallery page www.marylottridge.com displaying art

Mary Lottridge was looking for a web presence that allowed her art to take centre stage. One of her major requests was designing her website with the utmost simplicity. We therefore choose to use only the centre part of the screen as her frontpage. Menu and logo are designed to make navigation easy and to not take attention away from her colourful work. 

In cooperation with the artist, we made the accent colour choices.

With the help of a very detailed instruction manual that is tailored specifically to her website, Mary is able to create blog entries, make changes to static sites and, most importantly, upload new images to existing galleries and create new galleries independently from a web master. 

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  • screenshot of reno-seminare.de on a IMAC mockup designed by Virtual Wave Media
  • screenshot of blog page www.reno-seminare
  • screenshot of front page www.reno-seminare

Silke Engel, lecturer of seminars in the field of law and justice, responded to her students request for a web presence in order to be able to learn more about her courses. Silke wanted to have a clean website in a grey green colour scheme. 

Together with her, Virtual Wave Media chose and designed specific imagery and tailored them to fit this website perfectly. Moreover, www.renoseminare.de offers the functionality of a detailed and fully automated online registration system. Ms. Engel also blogs news in the field of law to offer her students a broad spectrum of information in this area.

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  • screenshot of www.southomeoresearchcentre.ca on a IMAC mockup
  • screenshot of front page www.southomoresearchcenter.com
  • screenshot of www.southomoresearchcenter.com

The South Omo Research Center in Ethiopia (SORC) needed a new website as their exisiting web presences was no longer able to adjust to the needs of today's internet usage.

BE+DO put effort into coming up with a design that was representing the scientific nature of SORC while meeting the recent standards of visually appealing web design at the same time.

Furthermore, extensive backend design was necessary to make the different types of content accessible to the visitors and easily adjustable my SORC's administrators. 


Features of this site include:

  • event calendars
  • views representing the same content in different positionings
  • adaptable slide shows
  • comprehensible tailored manual for Drupal
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  • Screenshot of Mark Wensley, Chiropractor on a flat design IMac mockup designed by Virtualwavemedia.com
  • screenshot of front page of Mark Wensley's homepage
  • Screenshot of Mark Wensley, Chiropractor on a flat design Apple Devices mockup designed by Virtualwavemedia.com

Mark Wensley is a chiropractor with offices on Pender Island, BC and Victoria, BC. He's known for his gentle approach to chiropractic and praised for his techniques.

His website is displaying this competetive advantage with a natural colour palette and a simple, responsive design. 


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